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15 Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters
Pregnancy is a blessing. But delivering a baby can be excruciatingly painful. Labor pain is caused by the contraction of uterus muscles, pressure on cervix, bladder, stretching of the birth canal, and abdominal, back, and groin cramps.
Exercises For Normal Delivery
1st Trimester Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery
1st trimester (week 1 – week 12 or about 3 months) is the most crucial period. And most of you must have heard your doctors and senior family members advising you against any strenuous activity. Of course, you are not allowed to lift weights, do HIIT, or cardio but you can do very low-intensity exercises if your doctor gives you a thumbs up.
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery
2nd trimester (Week 13 – week 27) is typically known as the “honeymoon period” because nausea and morning sickness subsides. You will start to feel your baby move and may also experience abdominal cramps as your uterus will start to stretch. It is usually safe to do pregnancy workouts around this time, but do talk to your doctor first before doing the following exercises.
3rd Trimester Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery
Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy
It prevents you from gaining weight.
It will prepare you for normal delivery.
It will help reduce labor pain.
It will keep your baby healthy.
It will improve circulation and keep your heart rate steady.
It will increase flexibility and strength of your body.
It will quicken post-delivery recovery.
It will also reduce the chances of hypertension and gestational diabetes.
Duration Of Pregnancy Exercises
20-30 minutes of exercise is recommended. Do not overstrain yourself.
Who Should Not Exercise While Pregnant
If you suffer from hypertension, asthma, heart disease, diabetes etc.
Feel fatigued quickly.
Weak cervix.
If you have a history of miscarriage or preterm delivery.
Experience regular contraction 30 minutes after exercise.
Pregnancy exercises are extremely helpful and will increase the chances of a normal delivery and reduce labor time and pain. Just keep few important points in your mind and talk to your doctor before doing any pregnancy exercises. It’s best to do these under the supervision of an expert. Take care!

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